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This is an awesome place to start exploring Galaxy GrandKids. Our Galaxy Guides are fun and educational!

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Adventure Stories

Stories of inspiration and adventure. Stories are the binding glue to building truly unbreakable bonds

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Learning Resources

Education is more than what you find in books. It is about learning from your everyday environment.

Galaxy GrandKids supports our readers with many hours of research to bring you the best products, stories and adventures we can find. We want you, the kids and the grandkids to have a more enjoyable life.  You support us through our independently selected links which earn us a commission.

I'm so excited that you are here!

galaxy grandkidsHi. My name is Frog. Wow! I am super excited you are here. Galaxy GrandKids is my home turf. It's where I hang out and I really hop, I mean hope, you decide to hang out here with me. 

Let me tell you a bit about what you will experience. My Galaxy Guides are the perfect starting place. That's where you will find loads of cool stuff. Nocturnals? Yep, they are in there. Space? Absolutely. Check 'em out.

In the Adventures section you will find lots of adventure stories. Some are real, others are just for fun. But all of them will take you on a fun and exciting adventure.

Education is not just about reading a book, it's about how you live your life. It's about learning from your everyday experiences.

I'm so happy you are here and I want to invite you to join my list of friends. I'll send you a free gift when you do. It's about building unbreakable bonds with grandkids.

See you soon, somewhere inside the Galaxy.

Your friend,